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DOT HM-126F | J.Schneider | Lafayette,LA

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  • Prerequisites There are no prerequisites for this course.
  • Student Min/Max 1/20
  • Availability Select a day and time to determine how many seats remain.

Course Information

  • Additional Schedule Details Daily Start Time - 7:30 am CST
    Lunch - Hr. daily for an 8 hour class
    Breaks - Few daily as needed or as scheduled.
  • Course duration ½ Day (duration varies according to participants)
  • Course Summary

    -    Obtain general awareness, in reference to handling hazardous materials, and explain the considerations for determining what is considered a hazardous material.
    -    Understand how hazardous materials must be handled for all modes of transportation.
    -    Recognize how to properly prepare shipping documents and paperwork required for transportation.
    -    Understand how to properly package and mark various types of hazardous materials.
    -    Know the requirements for loading and unloading various types of hazardous materials.
    -    Provide emergency response information to quickly identify the materials involved in accidents and how establishing evacuation zones could help prevent the loss of life and property and mitigate the problem sooner.
    -    Become aware of the regulations, fines, and penalties that will apply if the handling of hazardous materials is done incorrectly.

    -    DOT 49 CFR 171-180

  • Target Audience
    Onshore or Offshore Employees
  • Theory Learning Objectives
    -    Introduction to HAZMAT
    -    Regulations & Training
    -    HAZMAT Employer & Employee
    -    Terminology
    -    Identification & Classifications
    -    The Hazardous Material Table
    -    Symbols
    -    Description & Names
    -    Hazard Class or Division
    -    Identification Number
    -    Packing Group (PG)
    -    Label Codes
    -    Special Provisions
    -    Packaging
    -    Quantity Limitations
    -    POP & POP Marking Codes
    -    Package Selection
    -    Labeling, Marking, Placarding
    -    Shipping Papers
    -    Emergency Response Information
    -    HAZMAT Incidents
    -    Loading & Storage
    -    Modal-Specific Requirements
    -    Highway Transportation
    -    Rail Transportation
    -    Air Transportation
    -    Marine Vessel Transportation
    -    Security
  • Practical Learning Objectives
    Some items noted in the theory learning objectives will practiced in accordance with the accrediting body or our training requirements.
  • Certification Details
    Written Examination / Practical Examination
  • Validity Period Varies By Contractor
  • Accreditation or Standard
    • Allowed Trainer or Industry Specific
        • Cancellation Policy - Cancellation fees apply if cancelled within 7 days of the course start date . The amount retained will equal 100 percent of the transaction. Any refund requests after this period are to be requested from the trainer. If approved by the trainer, remittance of refunds will be handled by the trainer outside of our site.For more details read our Refund Policy

        Site Information

        • Training Environment
          • Allowed Classroom
        • Services and Amenities
          • Allowed ADA Accessiblity
          • Allowed Restrooms
          • Allowed Printed Course Materials
          • Location
            325 Industrial Parkway, Lafayette, LA, USA

          Other Notes

          • Items to BringPlease bring your identification card.
          • Health and Safety Considerations
            J.Schneider cares about your health and safety. If there are any issues, we ask that you contact us prior to training to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

          About Your Trainer,

          ssss DOT HM-126F | J.Schneider | Lafayette,LA

          J. Schneider & Associates, Ltd. was founded in 1983 to assist the oil and gas industry in its efforts to comply with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. The company has expanded its area of expertise into international markets as well as other industrial markets.

          An ongoing working relationship with the regulatory agencies has afforded us the opportunity to participate in the inception of new regulations and the modification of current regulations as our industry grows. Thus, we are in a unique position to provide the most current regulatory information to our customers.

          By providing lecture and “hands-on” training that is designed to replicate the procedures utilized in the field, your company will realize enhanced productivity and a heightened sense of safety awareness.

          OUR MISSION
          Provide the highest quality training available while maintaining competitive pricing.

          OUR VISION
          Be a leading worldwide, multifaceted learning and resource center.
          Continue to set the standard for oil and gas training, and compliance services.
          Focus on customer needs by being flexible, adaptable, and easily accessible.

          THE FACILITY
          The J. Schneider facility stands on 3.3 acres, containing: a 6,939 sq. ft. office building, a 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse, and a 9,485 sq. ft. training center. Also on-site is a pedestal crane and mock production platform with cut-outs of all relevant equipment utilized for training courses. The facility has ample parking on the grounds as well.

          The training center consists of 7 classrooms, a break room, restrooms, an administrative area, and 4 instructor offices. Each classroom has cutaways for demonstration and hands-on experience. Comfortable seating is provided for all students in order to ensure 100% focus and satisfaction. The two-story main office building consists of one classroom, a drafting office for compliance project work, administrative offices, a conference area, break room on both floors and restrooms on both floors.

          An area for detailed instructions and hands-on crane experience is provided. While outside utilizing the crane, there is a covered viewing area provided to accommodate all class members during the hands-on portion of the training. An intercom system is utilized so that 100% participation is possible even during the hands-on portion of the training.

          Lafayette, United States Member Since July 2018

          $100 Per Student

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