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Forklift | AnP Safety And Training | Houston, TX

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  • Prerequisites  This course shall have no formal pre-requisite.
  • Student Min/Max 1/25
  • Availability Select a day and time to determine how many seats remain.

Course Information

  • Additional Schedule Details Start / Finish Times: Training courses will begin at 7:30 am and should conclude by 4:30 pm; it is recommended that delegates arrive at 7:00 am.

    Breaks: 10 minutes (approximately every hour)
    Lunch: 1 Hour (if applicable)

    Meals / Refreshments: Delegates will be provided with a 1-hour lunch break with meals provided at client’s expense. Coffee and water will be available free of charge. Periodic breaks will be offered to delegate’s during training.
  • Course duration 6-8 hours - Course length shall vary depending on the number of delegates. Total course time includes breaks. 3-4 hours - Course length shall vary depending on the number of delegates. Total course time includes breaks.
  • Course Summary

    Class Size: The maximum number of delegates that may be trained and tested per instructor
    shall be thirty-five (35) in the classroom session and thirty-five (35) in the practical session.

    Course Objective
    - Provide delegates assigned to operate industrial Forklift/Lift Truck the necessary skills                 to safely perform their jobs.
    - Provide delegates with recommended practices and guidelines to perform safely                         while working with Forklift/Lift Trucks.
    - Delegates should be able to demonstrate the necessary skills during practical examination         and demonstrate knowledge during written examination.

    Course Design
    - Power Point© / Lecture / Audio Video / Visual Aids
    - Practical Exercises

  • Target Audience
    This training programme is designed to meet the offshore safety and emergency response training requirements for personnel new (or returning) to the offshore oil and gas industry in a tropical environment.
  • Theory Learning Objectives
    About Forklifts
        - Why Training…?
        - Regulation – OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178
        - Purpose of Training
        - OSHA Statistics
        - Types of Forklifts
            o Diesel
            o Gasoline
            o Liquid Propane
            o Electric
        - Lift Truck Characteristics
        - Major Components
        - Gauges/Instruments

    Forklift Inspection
        - Pre-Use/Daily Inspection
        - Safety Equipment
        - Operational Equipment
        - Operator Responsibilities

    Forklift Capacity
        - Forklift Physics
        - Teeter-Totter Principle
        - Stability Triangle
        - Center of Gravity
        - Forward Tipping
        - Side Tipping
        - Data Plate
        - Inch Pound Equation
            o With Example
        - Load Position
        - Multiple Load Position
        - Boom Angles (Boom Type Forklifts)

    Forklift Operations
        - Basic Operational Items
            o Steering Wheel
            o Pedals
            o Directional Controls
            o HornM&A Safety Services
            o Parking Brake
        - Rear Wheel Steering
            o Turning Arc
            o Turning Radius
        - Tire Types
        - Hydraulic Lift Controls
        - Lift System Components
        - Control Movement
            o Feathering Technique
        - Forklift Travel
        - Carrying Loads
        - Carrying Large Loads
        - Traveling on Inclines/Declines
        - Traveling Surfaces
            o Gravel, Sand, Mud, Dirt, Tracks, etc…
        - Loading Docks
        - Loading/Unloading Trailers
        - Forklift Parking

    Forklift Safety
        - Operator Safety
            o Safety features to guard against a roll over
        - Seat Belt, Overhead Guard, Etc…
        - General Safety
            o Do’s and Don’ts
            o Alarms
            o Warning Lights
        - Forklift Refueling/Recharging
            o Gasoline/Diesel Refueling Procedures
            o Propane Refueling Procedures
            o Battery Recharging
            o Changing Batteries
  • Practical Learning Objectives
    Practical training shall utilize a Forklift/Lift Truck similar to the type the employee will operate.

    Practical shall verify the following:
        - Properly select and wear appropriate PPE during practical training
        - Conduct proper pre-use inspection of Forklift and equipment
        - Ability to remove the Forklift out of service if it is unsafe to operateM&A Safety Services
        - Effectively controls the Forklift using smooth starts & stops
        - Ability to react to unusual or emergency situations
        - Moves material in a safe and controlled manner
        - Travels at adequate speeds with load as low as possible
        - Aware of surroundings and other workers while operating Forklift
        - Demonstrates knowledge of safe parking
        - Sets parking brake before exiting the Forklift
        - Turns power off and removes the key before exiting Forklift
  • Certification Details
    Delegate Requirements
        - PPE
        - Onsite Forklift/Lift Truck
    Reference Material / Documents
    OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178

    Successful Course Completion
        - Requires a minimum score of 75% or better.
        - Delegates will have no more than thirty (30) minutes to complete the exam.
        - Grades shall be calculated by dividing the number of questions answered correctly by
           the total number of exam questions.
        - Successful completion of practical session is mandatory.
  • Validity Period Company Specific
  • Accreditation or Standard
    • Allowed OSHA
        • Cancellation Policy - Cancellation fees apply if cancelled within 7 days of the course start date . The amount retained will equal 100 percent of the transaction. Any refund requests after this period are to be requested from the trainer. If approved by the trainer, remittance of refunds will be handled by the trainer outside of our site.For more details read our Refund Policy

        Site Information

        • Training Environment
          • Allowed Classroom
          • Allowed Client Site
          • Allowed Studio
          • Allowed Gym
          • Allowed Hotel Meeting Room
          • Allowed Conference Center
        • Services and Amenities
          • Allowed Restrooms
          • Allowed Meals Included
          • Allowed Emailed Certificates
          • Allowed Printed Course Materials
          • Location
            13501 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX, USA

          Other Notes

          • Items to BringPlease bring a government-issued ID.
          • Health and Safety Considerations
            AnP Safety & Training has your best interest in offering a safe and healthy environment while attending our courses. We encourage the STOP WORK AUTHORITY. If anyone witnesses any unsafe or unhealthy behavior or conditions, we ask you to report those issues to us.

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