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USCG Approved GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress & Safety Systems) | SMS | Lafayette, LA

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  • Prerequisites None
  • Student Min/Max 1/16
  • Availability Select a day and time to determine how many seats remain.

Course Information

  • Additional Schedule Details
    Enrollment: All students must produce the following prior to the onset of training - Valid (photographic) government identification. Registration begins at 7 AM each day.  The course ends at 4 PM CST on the same day.

    Attendance Requirements: Daily attendance and 100% participation in each module is required to obtain this certification.

    Location: Only offered at our Lafayette location.
  • Course duration 24 Hours
  • Course Summary

    The Global Maritime Distress & Safety Systems course is STCW-2010-approved. Students will demonstrate knowledge and skill in the proper use of GMDSS communications systems and other GMDSS equipment, such as Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPRIB’s) and Search and Rescue Transponder (SART). This U.S. Coast Guard-approved course meets or exceeds the minimum level of knowledge specified in the U.S. Coast Guard STCW and IMO requirements for training in Global Marine Distress Safety System (GMDSS).

  • Target Audience Mariners working with GMDSS Systems.
  • Theory Learning Objectives
    Upon completion of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) training, the student will be familiar with:

    -    Ship’s Antennas
    -    CFR regulations and traffic procedures
    -    Distress Signals and Distress Traffic
    -    Urgency transmissions
    -    Safety transmissions
    -    DSC- Digital Selective Calling
    -    DSC procedures for VHF-MF and HF
    -    INMARSAT-Fleet 77
    -    INMARSAT-B/C/M
    -    Radio Telex
    -    Maritime Safety Information under the GMDSS
    -    Emergency radio beacons
    -   SART-Search and Rescue Transponders-Portable VHF Transceivers
    -    Power supplies
    -    Maritime Mobile Traffic charges
    -    False Alerts in the GMDSS
    -    The role of the RCC in the GMDSS

  • Practical Learning Objectives None
  • Certification Details

    Course Required By: U.S. Coast Guard (*We satisfy STCW and FCC certification.)

    Written Exam: USCG-regulated

  • Validity Period Not required. FCC GMDSS Radio License fees apply. Get more information here.
  • Accreditation or Standard
    • Allowed USCG
        • Cancellation Policy Cancellation fees apply if cancelled within 7 days of the course start date . The amount retained will equal 100 percent of the transaction. Any refund requests after this period are to be requested from the trainer. If approved by the trainer, remittance of refunds will be handled by the trainer outside of our site.For more details read our Refund Policy

        Site Information

        • Training Environment
          • Allowed Classroom
        • Services and Amenities
          • Allowed ADA Accessiblity
          • Allowed Restrooms
          • Allowed Emailed Certificates
          • Allowed Printed Course Materials
          • Location
            2916 North University Avenue, Lafayette, LA, USA

          Other Notes

          • Items to Bring
            Please bring a government-issued ID.
          • Health and Safety Considerations
            *Safety First: Safety Management Systems (SMS) regards your safety first and suggests the following: Candidates that are concerned with participating in practical exercises due to current or pre-existing medical conditions should consult their primary care provider prior to the onset of the training program as to the nature and extent of the training.

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